How nice to see these double tulips blooming in our garden out front!

Here is a close-up view...

The daffodils are trying to bloom but are looking a little droopy. The other (shorter) tulips in the same garden bed are budding but not blooming yet.

The big news in the back yard is that 6 out of 9 lily trees have finally begun to sprout. So far they are just peeking out 1/2" to 2" or so, but there's definitely some movement there!

No blooms yet in the lollipop garden, but there are a few buds on the biggest alliums. However, their leaves are a little droopy. I'm not sure if that is normal, or if they're getting too much water or not enough light or both. They are green but kind of spongy feeling. I'm going with "too much water" as the diagnosis until someone tells me otherwise.

The other very exciting news is that all three things I planted last year under the black walnut tree (a.k.a. the Dead Zone) are thriving this year: Lamb's Ear, Red Fanal Astilbe, and Hosta Marginata.

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Jean said...

I love tulips! Thanks for posting pics! Go, garden, go!