Spring Tease

Here are some teasers from the gardens, hinting that spring might actually be here.

First, a whorl of leaves unfurling from what I'm thinking must be the white feather hosta in the shade garden (starts out green, turns white, or so I'm told)...

Next, the supple leaves of some exotic Orange Princess and Sunrise tulips and Flower Drift daffodils I planted in the garden out front...

And finally, my favorite so far (in theory...we'll see about reality when they bloom): small and large sproutings of numerous Allium varieties in what I'm calling the (future) Lollipop Garden.

Still no sign of the Lily Trees that we planted late last fall, or the pink Lily of the Valley that we planted last spring and actually grew last year (albeit somewhat anemically).

Yay spring! Come on, flowers!

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Anonymous said...

Very curious as to how your Allium will do . . . and, of course the Lily trees. I am using your gardens as a test for my next year's plantings. Love, Mom