Neighborhood Meeting Tomorrow

We are attending a neighborhood meeting tomorrow to learn more about the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's plans to rebuild the Zoo Interchange (the interstate highway conflagration otherwise known as "where I-94 crosses US-45"). Our two favorite highway ramps to get to and from home can be found within the blast radius of the proposed work zone, so we are naturally quite interested in the plans. Thankfully, our house is not close enough to either freeway exit to have us concerned that we might be eminently domained into homelessness (they'd have to knock down the entire Froedtert / Medical College of Wisconsin megaplex first). However, we are curious to know how long our freeway access would be blocked, and what the rerouted traffic patterns will do to our neighborhood.

I came across an interesting post on the Zoo Interchange project on the blog of Citizens Allied for Sane Highways (CASH - ha!). It seems we missed a public meeting in May but it's nice to read the recap.

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation web site for more information, maps, conceptual designs, etc. May sanity prevail!

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