City Afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon with friends Peter and Corie, starting with a few hours at the Lakefront Festival of Arts, on the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Everything we liked cost between $1,200 (for glass) and $12,000 (for lawn sculptures), so we didn't make any purchases. It seems that birds are the latest "in" animal in art. From collage work to sculpture to paintings to glass, birds were everywhere. Many of the birds bore a striking resemblance to the fat little birds on our wedding stationery, which Ryan designed. Coincidence? I think Ryan is just ahead of the curve.

After the art fair we went up to the Brewer's Hill neighborhood to have dinner at Roots, restaurant that focuses on locally grown produce and meat, some of it grown at the restaurant's own farm in Cedarburg, WI. Roots has an eclectic menu that reflects what is available each season, and features several ingredients with which we were unfamiliar. We are neither food experts/snobs nor food ignorati, so it's always nice to expand our horizons (and vocabularies) when we go out for a meal. Dinner was delicious but rather pricey. We have eaten brunch there before, which was just as tasty and unusual, but a better value. Of course we understand that sustainable agriculture doesn't come cheap, and we're not looking for McDinner. We'd definitely return - we'd just need to save up our allowance!

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