All right, all right...

Gentle Reader,

We apologize if the deep sea creature photo montage alarmed you. ("Where is that fish going with that diamond?!")

Without further ado, we are delighted to present the...*ahem*...non-artsy photos of the ring.

Herewith: Top view, mostly . . . (9 out of 10 doctors agree: Staring at this ring while walking down a flight of stairs is not advisable. Good thing your steps are carpeted, Tilney.)

Front facing view . . . (POW! I'm a superhero!)

Side profile view . . . (A superhero who loves beautiful tulips.)

(And fishies . . . )


Jean said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! And so many pictures, from so many angles--you are very generous! Well done, you two!

Also, please look where you're going on the stairs. While I know that people die or kill for such jewels, I think breaking your neck on the stairs because you were distracted by the shiny would be an embarrassing way to go.

Pavla said...

Congratulatins Tilney and Ryan, just looked at your blog today and was overwhelmed by the stunning diamond in all its loveliness, gorgeous setting by the way. We love it. Can not wait to see it and you in person.
BTW we agree with Jean, be careful on those stairs!

Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait! :-) WOW!

Please have a mojito for me!


Shannon said...

I admire the grand photography of the ring...still love the fishy one :-),must be a relative of an artist or something...Mojitos, never tried one. Tilney you must hook me up on one of these. Hope you had success on the weding planning event. I won my flowers and videography from that kind of thing (yippee!). Ry--you will look smashing in a tux