News Lite

Please forgive the lack of recent news... We have not made any
significant progress on our planning efforts in the last couple of

I tried on some dresses with the help of Mom, Katy, a couple of good sales ladies, and one comically bad sales-lady-in-training. The latter seemed intent on alienating everyone in the room by standing around uselessly and interrupting conversations with non sequitirs galore. She interrupted Katy's anecdote about accidentally static-shocking her unsuspecting newborn baby boy in the middle of the night (ouch!), to say that she herself had gotten a nasty static shock just moments before while hanging up a dress... Somehow, we were not terribly sympathetic to her plight.

We plan on doing more venue research in the next few weeks -- hopefully before we go on vacation to Copenhagen in March.

We promise not to elope.


Jean said...

Thank you for not eloping...yet!

I'm glad to hear the dress shopping was, um, okay? At least? At least you got some good time with your mom and sis!

Katy said...

I'm not sure how many comments readers there are out there, but I want to tell the world that my sister is going to be the most beautiful bride ever! Folks, she made the dresses look good. The only reason that Tilney does not cause traffic accidents every time she leaves the house is that she is not wearing a wedding dress, ball gown, or other comparable frock. If gowns make a fashion comeback as career-wear, look out good people of Wisconsin! If you ask me, she's got too many good options, and of course, exquisite taste. I look forward to the next trip!

Anonymous said...

Katy is right.
There were some genuinely uninteresting dresses that really looked good after Tilney tried them on.

We did have a good time.

Thank you for not eloping. . . period!