We hope you are having a wonderful day with family and friends. Here are a few things we're thankful for this year, in no particular order:

  • Our families! Near or far, they are with us always. When we do have the chance to spend time in person, we are reminded of why they are our favorite people in the universe.
  • Our friends! We feel lucky every time we see our friends. They are smart and funny and interesting and talented and quirky and lively. And most of them stay up far later than us on weeknights, so they are obviously superheroes.
  • Our MAN vs. GEORGE DESIGN supporters! As we approach the MvG 3rd anniversary (coming up in January), we reflect on all the businesses that took a chance getting their logos and business cards designed by a new company, all the friends and strangers (and strangers who became friends) who bought greeting cards and prints from us, all the happy couples who came to us looking for a bold and modern spin on their save the dates and wedding invitations. With your support, our little business has grown each year, and you can now find our cards in 32 stores around the country! (Check out our retail map.)
  • Facebook! No, seriously. FB made it possible for us to reconnect with friends from the recent and distant past (all the way back to T's best friends from elementary school in Cincinnati!). Through the magic of Facebook, we found a loving home for George this year, when T's cat allergy went haywire. It takes a family with a very big heart to take in a 12-year-old lady cat. Considering her new family is in Michigan, and the man of the house is a friend from high school whom T hasn't seen since the mid-1990s, and the lady of the house cooks organic whole foods for George each day, and the daughter of the house has turned George into a cuddling machine (anybody who met George before would find this fact especially impressive)...you can see how lucky we feel to have these amazing people in our lives. So, thanks, Facebook, for reconnecting us and providing a tool for us to get George updates any time we need a little feline photo fix. (And even bigger thanks, D and J and K, for loving and caring for our crazy little cat...)   
  • The Internet! Yes, our final shout-out goes out to the tubes and wires that comprise Ye Olde Interwebz. Without it, T would probably never have discovered this recipe. Which is our new favorite holiday tradition. As of this morning. And continuing on through the evening. And probably tomorrow. Good god, y'all.
  • Each other! Every day, we look at each other and thank our lucky stars we found our way to each other in this big world of people. Thank you, universe!

Be safe and happy this weekend, all!

T and R

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