Riverside Arcade Mural Project

The day after Thanksgiving, I went down to Chicago to spend time with my sisters. First stop was Riverside, where Ab and I helped install murals around the exterior of the historic Riverside Arcade Building.

The Arcade Building has been named one of Illinois' 10 most endangered landmarks, and while it awaits a preservation-minded buyer, it has been sitting empty with boarded-up windows. The good people of Riverside decided it was high time to spruce up the building, so they teamed up to design and paint a series of murals (2000 square feet in all!).

The murals depict Riverside scenes throughout the four seasons of the year. They're up now for all to enjoy, but on Friday, December 4 at 5:15 PM, there will be an official mural unveiling to kick off the holiday season. I wish I could be there!

Meanwhile, here are some photos I snapped during the installation process...

And one last photo of Ab and me with our tools of the trade: matching caulk guns. Don't worry, folks, the caulk dried clear! (Photo credit: Maya Brent of Abruzzi Brent Architectural Interiors.)

This is such a great display of community spirit! For details on why the Arcade Building is empty and seeking a buyer, visit Save Riverside Arcade.

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