Pet Shop ROCK! (Pet Shop Boys Appreciation Week)

Just because the concert is over doesn't mean Pet Shop Boys Appreciation Week is! In fact, seeing them (and meeting them!) last night at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee only deepened my respect, affinity, and pure affection for them.

In short, it was a fantastic show, and a truly memorable evening. I'm not the only one who thought so. I spoke with one of the Pabst Theater staffers afterward; she told me she hadn't followed the Pet Shop Boys career over the years, so she wasn't particularly familiar with much of their music beyond the big radio hits. After the show, she said:

"I work here, so I see every single show. Pet Shop Boys was, by far, the best show I have ever seen at the Pabst."

I couldn't agree more, although I'd add that PSB was also the best show I've ever seen at the Riviera and the Chicago Theatre!

After I come down a bit from cloud nine (and catch up on my sleep) I will spend more time writing a proper story about meeting Neil and Chris. Highlights will include:

  • Things I said to the Boys (preview: "That's lip gloss. You don't need to sign that."*)
  • Things the Boys said back (preview: "I've read your blog!"**)
  • Things I would have said to the Boys if I'd had more time (preview: "Thank you for not wearing sweatpants in public."***)
*I said "preview" not "highlight"...
**Okay, this one was definitely a highlight.
***This one may require a bit more explanation. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Pet Shop Boys, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for an amazing night, and also for the not wearing sweatpants thing.


Jean said...

Excellent! Thank you so much! Such a wonderful time!

Also, your exchange with Neil was far more dignified than mine:
N: I think we're getting a sausage after the show.
J: Oh yes, this town is all about the sausages!

Did I actually say that?!?! Completely unironically?!?! I think I did! Eek!

katybee said...

Sweet! Looking forward to further updates.