Pet Shop Boys Appreciation Week - Milwaukee Edition

In anticipation of Pet Shop Boys' first-ever concert appearance in Wisconsin (Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee), we will be devoting the next 10 days to a celebration of their music. They've given us 25 years of smart, chic, and utterly danceable pop -- really, a few blog posts is the least we can do.
Kicking off the series, let's look at a few Pet Shop Boys record stats:
  • They've sold over 100 million records worldwide.
  • In the UK, they've had 22 Top 10 hits, and 42 Top 30 hits. 
  • They hold the record for the most Number 1 hits (by a duo or group) in the history of Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart. (Take that, Depeche Mode!) 
  • This year they released their 10th studio album, Yes.
Well done!

Stay tuned this week for more posts, including a look at Pet Shop Boys album and song titles ("What's In a Name?"), my first Pet Shop Boys concert-going experience ("The Culmination of a Life-Long Dream"), PSB style through the ages ("Killer Fashion"), and my very earliest Pet Shop Boys memory ("Birthday Dreams of 11-Year-Old Shattered").

Meanwhile, do you have any Pet Shop Boys questions or topics you'd like me to address this week? Let me know in the comments.


Jean said...

Yes yes yes! OMG, I can't wait!

Are you doing this entirely for my benefit? Or perhaps for your own? Woo-hoo!

tilneyandryan said...

It's for *everyone's* benefit, my dear! (OK, mostly ours...) :-)

katybee said...

questions of mine ...
-- who would win in a knife fight? psb or erasure?
-- what do you consider to be the key to psb's longevity? they've got skills, but clearly it is not the vocals.
-- psb have helped fellow artists as producers, robbie williams and kylie minogue come to mind. is there any rhyme or reason to their collaborations?
-- psb may have given you 25 years of listening enjoyment, but as your sister they've given me endless frustration trying to give you an occasional gift, whether Christmas or Birthday, that you had not already acquired. Over the years did I ever manage to get you something you did not already have?