The Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone who voted in last month’s editorial poll, I now have a list of story topics at the ready, just waiting to be written the next time I put down the iPhone, look up from the Netflix, and stop petting George the cat with my feet. (I’m allergic, OK?)

You, the people, have demanded the following stories, in descending order of popularity:

  • Backstage After Flight of the Conchords (May 2009) - 5 votes
    (Happy to oblige: Read it here.)
  • The Crunchy vs. Smooth Nutella Debate – 5 votes
    (Really? Has it come to this?) (Update: Done! Read it here.)
  • Putting the Bad in Badminton (June 2009) – 5 votes
    (What are you talking about, bad? We ROCK!)
  • A Very (Wayne) Brady Vegas Experience (October 2008) – 3 votes
    (I’m shocked this didn’t get more votes. Maybe it would have been a more popular selection if I had titled it “Wayne Brady Pulled My Hair and Rode Me Like a Donkey, Live On Stage at the Venetian. And Ryan Was OK With It.”)
  • Til & Kate's Excellent Kohler Adventure (May 2009) – 3 votes
    (Probably didn’t get more votes because you are all jealous of our hot stone massages and manicures.)
  • What the Hell is Tilney Planting in the Garden This Week? (Recurring) – 3 votes
    (The real question may be, What the hell keeps eating what I’ve been planting in the garden this week?)
  • Latest Samples from the MAN vs. GEORGE DESIGN Portfolio (June 2009) - 2 votes
    (News flash: Latest work is now posted at http://manvsgeorge.com)
  • Katy & Nunzino's 11th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza (April 2009) - 2 votes
    (High-stakes Easter Egg decorating at its best!)
  • Tilney & Ryan's Wedding CD: The Missing Liner Notes (November 2007) - 2 votes
    (Admit it, you are dying to know how we put Erlend Øye and Glenn Gould and The Doors on one disc and made it work artistically. Or, you’re dying to know how I convinced Ryan to allow me to include a Kylie Minogue song on the mix.)
  • Trip Down Ann Arbor Memory Lane (May 2009) - 2 votes
    (Hail to the victors, man! Let’s relive my college days, except...with a better wardrobe and budget!)
  • Tilney's Review of the Latest Pet Shop Boys Album (April 2009) - 2 votes
    (Preview: It is AWESOME.)
  • I Want to See More Wedding Photos, Damn It! (November 2007) - 1 vote
    (Awww, thanks for voting, mom!)

Stay tuned for the next story...which should be posted once I stop writing posts about the stories I intend to write in the future.

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