Save Riverside Arcade

During a recent phone conversation I asked my sister Aberdeen what she's been up to lately. Her list went on for minutes (!), which I wouldn't say was necessarily unexpected, given the number of home projects, community commitments, and family activities she typically has going on at any given moment. What struck me, though, was the last item on her list:

"Oh, yeah, and I'm trying to save the Riverside Arcade Building."

Oh yeah. That.

In addition to her numerous other projects and activities, which would sap the time and energy of any normal mortal, Aberdeen is spearheading a community effort to save a landmark historic building in the Village of Riverside, Illinois. The Riverside Arcade Building was abandoned in the midst of a rehabilitation project this summer when the owner was indicted by the SEC, and now the building stands unsecured, poorly covered, and exposed to the elements as winter approaches.

Now, Aberdeen is rallying people in her community and others around the world who support the preservation of historic landmarks to save the building. Check out Save Riverside Arcade for all the details.

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