Wild Kingdom: 2008 Wisconsin State Fair Edition

Welcome to the fourth and final post about our visit to the 2008 Wisconsin State Fair. So far we've covered Food on a Stick, Food Not on a Stick, and The Plant Kingdom. Now for some wildlife!

Clutching our bag of still molten-hot deep-fried Oreos, we entered the Poultry and Rabbit House. We figured that since we were still eating, it would be best to visit someplace that wasn't named "The Goat Pavilion" or "The Swine Haus." There we were greeted by some of the prettiest future food we'd ever seen!

Check out this big, colorful rooster! We made some crude puns involving a synonym for rooster, and a hearty laugh was had by all.

I really liked the pattern on this hen's feathers. Frankly, I don't know for a fact that this was a hen as opposed to a rooster, but either way, it was pretty!

This is some kind of fluffy chicken. I'm not sure if this one is pointed up or down.

This is an angora rabbit. Its fur would make an excellent scarf!

This bunny is totally cute.

This is one half of a giant bunny. Compared to the last bunny, this one is about 5 times as big.

Here's a full-on shot of the giant bunny. If I saw this bunny in my lawn, I might think twice about sticking around to watch it, for fear it might come after me.

Those last two photos didn't really capture the scale of the giant bunny. I think this photorealistic quilt does a pretty good job.

When bunnies and cows mate.

Goth bunny, with freshly applied eyeliner.

Alas, lion-headed bunnies were not on display at the 2008 Wisconsin State Fair. If they had been, here's what one might have looked like. (Um, it's the one on the right.)

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