We just returned from breakfast on the east side of Milwaukee, at a restaurant called Twisted Fork. I had a delicious omelet with duck confit, brie, and mushrooms. Ryan had the French Toast but found it to be a bit lacking (probably due to the fake maple syrup).

On our way back home we toyed with the idea of stopping at Steins to get a few bags of top soil because there are some spots around our house that need some re-grading, as we have learned during the last few days of heavy rain. It started raining, though, so we decided to go straight home and drop our single bag of leaf compost onto the worst of the spots. (Nothing like shopping at the outdoor garden center in a downpour.)

Now, when I say we planned to drop the bag on the worst of the spots, I don't mean empty out the bag, I mean just drop it, unopened, next to the side of the house. It was raining that hard! Three steps out of the garage and we were completely soaked.

Another casualty of the heavy rains lately is the third white feather hosta I planted in the shade garden. Yesterday it was so waterlogged that all four of its recently sprouted leaves fell off. In an effort to protect it from more rain, we adjusted the contouring of the cocoa shell mulch in the garden bed, and the placed a clear plastic bowl over it and covered it with a rock. My hope is that the greenhouse effect will help revive the plant (and keep it a little more dry) and it will re-grow some leaves. If it ever stops raining I'll take photos of its progress.

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of rain. Hosta's usually survive everything. Well, I shouldn't say that. I have a 2/3 survival rate in my front raised garden. As I recall, our garden center guarantees everything you buy for a year. Maybe Stein's does the same.

I've never taken anything back because I am a guilt-ridden gardener. I could have done better, but you and Ryan are obviously dedicated. Steins should give you two for everyone that departs your garden