Hooked on 'Ponics

Tilney's mother Sharon gave her an AeroGarden as a shower gift, and we are so excited to put it to use. Come with us on a fantastic journey of indoor hydroponic gardening!

Day 1
We unpacked the AeroGarden. Among its easy-to-assemble parts are two full-spectrum GrowBulbs:

Once we put the AeroGarden together, we plugged it in. Holy GrowBulbs, Batman! This thing not only grows plants, it can be used to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Day 2
We have our AeroGarden set up in the kitchen, not just because that's the most logical place to harvest the assortment of herbs that will (hopefully) eventually sprout, but because of this advice we found in the AeroGarden User's Manual:

If the reflection from your AeroGarden lights is visible from your
bedroom, you may want to set the lights to go off about the time
you usually go to bed, so as not to disturb your sleep.

Given that the light cast by our AeroGarden is visible from space, we figured the kitchen was our best bet. George, our cat, agrees to disagree with us on this choice, however, because the sudden 16 hours a day of GrowBulb light in one of her many bedrooms is messing up her sleep cycle.

Day 3
Photosynthesis is fun! We've already got thyme sprouts coming up. The tag on the little GrowPod says the sprouts should appear in 5-10 days, but ours must be (oh no, here it comes...) ahead of their thyme!

Day 7
Holy Hydroponics! Check out the growth of our garden at the end of the first week.

Here are some close-up shots of the individual herbs...

Day 15
We took these photos at night (can't you tell?), when our AeroGarden was just over two weeks old.

Here are some individual close-ups...

Check out this basil! (Purple basil in the foreground; Italian basil in the background.)

And man - those chives!

Day 21
The basil is growing so tall, we've had to raise the post that holds up the GrowBulbs. Soon, we can eat it!

Day 27
Check out these herbs!

Stay tuned as we track the growth of our AeroGarden. Contrary to popular belief, watching plants grow is way more fun than watching paint dry...

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Very very fun indeed!