Best Man

Ryan's father, Bill, is standing up in the wedding as the Best Man. A loving father, a trusted sounding board, and a fantastic conversation partner on topics both great and small, Bill is a true friend.

Because this entry is being written after a few glasses of port, we are pleased to offer the following multiple-choice quiz about Bill. Answers can be determined by trial and error at the wedding!

Bill likes...
  (A)  Kittens
  (B)  Rainbows
  (C)  Giving and receiving hugs
  (D)  Dr. Phil
  (E)  Both (A) and (D) -- c'mon, who doesn't?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think he is a good choice :-), perhaps a little on the older side, but still a good choice. I love you Ry, and am thrilled for the two of you!