Things I Learned From RACING DREAMS (Milwaukee Film Festival)

On the opening night film of the 2009 Milwaukee Film Festival, I had the pleasure of seeing the new Marshall Curry documentary, RACING DREAMS (USA, 2009). Here's what I learned:
  1. Go-karts are not like I remember. Today's extreme racing karts can go 70 mph, with just an inch or two of clearance between the ground and your seat. And no suspension.
  2. Considering all the gear, fuel, fees, and travel costs, each race can set you back $5000. (Tip for kids: If your parents turn down your request for a pony by saying it's too expensive, tell them you really want to pursue the World Karting Association's National Championship but are letting them off easy with a more down-to-earth request.)
  3. RACING DREAMS shattered my preconceived notions that I wouldn't enjoy a film about the junior NASCAR circuit (just as FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and KING OF THE HILL did with football and hillbillies, respectively).
Did you see RACING DREAMS? What did you learn? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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