Killer Fashion (Pet Shop Boys Appreciation Week)

Pet Shop Boys Appreciation Week continues with an exploration of the diverse and always fashionable personal style of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Both onstage and off, they sport a look that is both in-the-now and distinctly their own.

I'm not much of a hat girl, myself, but I've always admired how they can pull off even the most unwieldy of head gear.

Typically Neil dresses up while Chris takes a more street approach, both in concert-wear...

...and publicity stills...

But it's nice to see them meet in the middle, occasionally.

Speaking of the middle, that's Brandon Flowers of the Killers, joining Pet Shop Boys on stage at the 2009 Brit Awards, where they were honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award (check out the video here). I dunno, Brandon. I can understand your excitement at sharing the stage with Neil and Chris (especially considering their kickass remix of "Read My Mind"), but your shoulder pads are a bit much.

I probably shouldn't throw stones, though. I recently unearthed this photo of my own killer PSB concert fashion. This is me in front of the Riviera Theater in Chicago in 1999, wearing a "Mind the Gap" t-shirt (I wanted to remind Neil and Chris of home), and some sort of track pants (it was the '90s, okay? I owned track pants; consider it my homage to Chris). What you can't see in the photo are my pink suede Doc Martens oxfords. Or my glee at having touched Neil Tennant. It was nothing untoward, mind you; mine was one of many outstretched hands he shook during the show, for those of us lucky enough to be pressed against the stage (god bless venues with no chairs!).

Good times!

For those of you just tuning in, here is a Cliff's Notes version of Pet Shop Boys fashion over the last 25 years. Can you match the illustration to the album? Give it a try in the comments. (If you are at a loss to name the albums, bonus points for creativity for making up good PSB-sounding titles.)

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