Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!

Yesterday we drove to Chicago to celebrate the birthday of my 3-year-old twin cousins. We weren't expecting the roads to be quite so bad, but winter is full of surprises. We passed about half a dozen accidents on the drive down, and were never more thankful to have a Subaru. Ryan had to keep reminding me that the Subaru's all-wheel drive is not the same thing as an invincibility force-field, but we made it down safely just the same.

Upon our arrival were delighted to score a parking spot in my aunt and uncle's garage -- quite a luxury for party latecomers. We felt so lucky we didn't have to circle the city streets looking for a parking spot -- especially one that would be safe from the city's tow trucks.

We had a great time at the party, not just because they were serving margaritas. ;-) My sisters and their kids were there, as were my mom and two of my adult cousins. It was fun to see my little cousins turn 3. They are such sweet girls. A good time was had by all!

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