Creative Collaboration

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Ryan and I have been busy working on the Web site for his new graphic design business, MAN vs. GEORGE DESIGN. Right now it is only a placeholder page with the logo and an email signup form, but we are working on the real site and will keep you posted when it is up and running.*

It has been a fun and eye-opening experience, working on the site together. Since Ryan is much more adept at using Illustrator (our design program) than I am, and I am more adept at writing HTML and using Dreamweaver (the Web development program) than he is, we have each had a few moments working together where one or the other of us has had to stop and admit "I forget that just because I know something about this application doesn't mean you automatically know it too." We share a house, a fridge, a cat, and a love for fine dark chocolate, but as it turns out, we do not share a brain.

(*UPDATE 2/4/09: The real site is up now! There are still a few pages under construction, including the all-important portfolio, but the design is live. Check it out and let us know what you think!)

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familyfeedingdynamics said...

keep me posted. The front page looks great, really sharp and clean and intriguing!