Obama Labor Day Rally in Milwaukee

Today we are attending Barack Obama's Rally for America's Workers in Milwaukee. It's a gorgeous day out, and we are looking forward to it! We'll let you know how it goes when we get home tonight.

Later that night...

Damn, the Obama campaign and the organizers of Labor Fest sure know how to run a rally. I was expecting chaos (I'm not quite sure why), but everything was very well put together. Most surprising of all, things ran according to the schedule printed on the ticket! I guess I'm more accustomed to rock shows, where headliners arrive on stage two-and-a-half hours after ticket time, drunk and/or coked out of their minds, and then proceed to insult the audience while stumbling half-heartedly through their latest album, refusing to play the hits from their earlier albums, and cursing the miserable Detroit winter weather. But I digress.

Suffice it to say, Senator Obama's Labor Day rally in Milwaukee was great fun! There were almost 20,000 people there, from the looks of it. The event was held at the Marcus Amphitheater, on the Summerfest grounds. The seats were packed with people young and old, of all races and ethnicities, and what appeared to be a wide range of income brackets. I don't mean to sound hokey, but it was great to see so many different kinds of people coming together, united and enthusiastic in their ideals. (On a side note, I can totally see the power of the mob mentality. Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter. Get 20,000 of them in one place, all shouting the same slogan -- be it "Yes We Can!" or "Down With The Environment!" -- all cheering and clapping and getting caught up in the good-time adrenaline rush, pretty soon you're out tipping cars and lighting midgets on fire. Just sayin'. It's a fine line, people. Rally responsibly.)

Back to our narrative.

I was especially happy to see that so many parents brought their children to the event. And the kids were digging it! No matter which candidate you prefer (although clearly the right choice for America is Obama -- take that my closeted Republican friends!), it's so important to vote (for Obama). And the earlier kids learn that, the better. Not only can voting fill you with a sense of pride in taking part in our great democratic (small D) process, but it also gets you a little "I Voted!" sticker that you can use as a tardy pass to school or work. Look into it.

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