Latest "News"? Really?

We have CNN.com set as the default page that appears whenever we open a new Web browser window. Sometimes the stories featured "above the fold" in the Latest News list are legitimately headline-worthy, but there are often more than a few that leave us thinking we need to shop around for a news site that is more info, less -tainment.

Today, for example:

I think our reluctance to go ahead and switch home pages already has to do with our nostalgia for the glory days of CNN, back when Wolf Blitzer was on the front lines in Baghdad during Gulf War I. CNN has come a long way since then, but we're not sure it's a change for the better. Anyone out there have a news site you prefer? We'll be auditioning replacements this week.

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Cindy said...

I will be keeping a close eye on your response from readers on this one, because I too am quite fed up with CNN! If you think the website is bad, you should try surviving on only the CNN International version of the tv broadcast - it stinks! They show the same three stories ALL DAY LONG, on a permanent loop. It's even worse because BBC World News does the same thing -- with the SAME THREE STORIES! So I get fed up with the tv broadcasts, check out the websites, and am offered such scintillating "news" stories in your examples. I too need a replacement website! :)