It's "Magic Bullet," People

Lately, the Mister and I have heard a number of people (and also politicians, pundits, and high-ranking business leaders) make statements that include something along the lines of "_____ is hoping to find a silver bullet in this situation."

Unless you are thirsty for a Coors Light or hunting vampires*, a silver bullet is not going to help your situation. It's a magic bullet, people.

*Editor's Note: Thanks for the comments from our faithful readers. I wish I could claim to have slid "vampires" in there instead of "werewolves" on purpose, to see how observant y'all are. However, I seem to have joined the ranks of the Malaprops who not only mistake silver bullets for magic bullets, but who occasionally go on national news programs and talk about offering rogue nations the "fig leaf of peace." And no, I am not making that up. But at least I got the Coors Light part right! ;-)


Robert said...

Silver bullets are for werewolves, I believe.

Katy said...

agreed. vampires still need a stake through the heart, a vat of holy water, or to be caught out after their sunrise curfiew.

Weber said...

Well, in most mythologies Vampires are susceptible to Silver even though it may take a wooden stake through the heart or complete brain destruction. In some Vamprire S&M stores, vampires can be killed with an injection of Silver Nitrate. If you have read these stories as well, then shame on your like of pulpy detective bondage fiction.