Identity Crisis

Yesterday while camping out in line to get a new iPhone, I spent two hours staring at the window of the store White House | Black Market, whose entire identity is based around the idea of offering "chic, sophisticated apparel and accessories in timeless shades of white and black" (according to their Web site). The two times I set foot in that store, it was all white and black clothes as far as the eye could see. Don't even try joking around with the sales people about wanting to buy a red dress. Their withering gazes will stop you dead before you can even finish your sentence.

Imagine my bewilderment, then, when I discovered this in the window display:

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Anonymous said...

The black/white experience has been at Somerset Mall in Troy for a number of years. You are correct that there is NEVER any sort of compromise. There must be dissention in the ranks or they are going to financial hell and need to compromise.