T-Minus 17 Days and Counting...

...until we depart for Belize! (Not that I'm keeping a countdown calendar on my office door or anything.)

We hope you'll excuse our exuberance over our impending departure. It was a ridiculous negative 3 degrees Fahrenheit here in Milwaukeeland this morning, but all we can think about are the clear skies, warm waters, and rum-inspired island mellowness of Caye Ambergris.

In preparation for our trip:

  • We finished our fourth dose of Typhoid vaccine this morning. (Tasty-O's and Typhoid: two great tastes that go great together!)
  • We start our malaria pills on Thursday. (Oh yeah? What are YOU planning for Valentine's Day?)
  • We've researched how many bottles of 1 Barrel Rum we are legally allowed to bring back to the States. (Who says we don't have our priorities straight?)


Jean said...

For my own edification, how many bottles CAN you legally bring back?

TILNEYandRYAN said...

One liter per person. So naturally, we each brought back one liter of One Barrel rum. C'mon over anytime and we'll fire up the blender!