It's Raining Women! (Hallelujah!)

The Setting: A gorgeous sunny Saturday in downtown Chicago...

The Location: Tizi Melloul, named one of the 10 best looking restaurants in America (Fine Living - The Insider's List)...

The Hostesses with the Mostest: Katy (left) and Aberdeen (right), sisters of the bride.

The Event: A superfantastic bridal shower!

The Guests: A superfantastic group of ladies, both family and friends, from near and far. Let's meet them, shall we?

Alexis (left), Caitlin (center), and Danielle (right), cousins of the bride.

Shannon (left), sister of the groom, with Amy (right), friend of the bride.

Brittany (left), cousin of the bride, with Denise (center) and Neela (right), aunts of the bride.

Ally, cousin of the bride.

Sharon (left), mother of the bride (shown here with Aberdeen).

Betty, stepmother of the groom.

Maryalice, aunt of the bride.

Jean, friend of the bride.

Katja (left), friend of the bride (shown here with Katy).

Tilney, the bride!


Jean said...

Oh, no, you didn't just post a picture of me looking like a complete space case, staring in awe at the chandelier! No respect for "what happens in the Crescent Room stays in the Crescent Room"!

TILNEYandRYAN said...

But you're so cute!!! How could we not share that with the world?!