Many of you have poked (admittedly well-deserved) fun at us over the fact that we had time to upload our vacation photos to this site but we haven't finished (OK, even started) writing our About the Bride and Groom profiles yet.

So here's your chance to become part of the wedding blog magic: We're turning the keyboard over to you, our friends and family. Click the Comments link beneath this post and contribute a description of Tilney or Ryan (or the both of us). Creativity is encouraged!

We will choose our favorites and post them for all to see. Act now and you may be selected as the official ghostwriter of TILNEYandRYAN's wedding blog!


Katy said...

Tilney (aka "the Bride"): 5 foot 9 female Caucasian, big hair.
Ryan (aka "the Groom"): 6 foot 1 male Caucasian, big smile.
Both suspects last spotted canoodleing at Home Depot. Groom has injury to his right hand after latest (foiled) gardening attempt.

Jean said...

Tilney and Ryan are two of the funniest people I've ever met. And I don't mean funny-weird, I mean witty, sparkling, delightfully entertaining funny. I think this bodes very well not only for any time I'm lucky enough to spend with them, but also for the state of their union.

And that's only the beginning of their fine qualities...

(Yes, that's a teaser. Does it make you long for more of my musings?)

Anonymous said...

I would upload never before seen pictures of Tilney during her childhood but I am certain that she would never allow them to be posted. Alas! the world will never see the entire Tilney.
(The True Keeper of Secrets)

Anonymous said...

Tilney is genuine, caring, compassionate, witty, charming (and darn cute to boot).
It's a pleasure to work with her every day.
I wish you the best of luck!
Ryan, you are a lucky man.

Janette in Mad Town said...

Tilney....is an Irish Pre Raphaelite beauty clown girl with a beatific smile and wicked sense of humor...a face that could launch a thousand ships and mind that could stick pin you to the bulletin board...wears great winter hats while worrying if your doing ok over a cup of java. Dearest person ever... If i got to have a third daughter she would be it (i have two already)!!!!!

Ryan...handsome foreign artist and undercover agent...found in cafes expounding on amazing facts I've never even thought about...part time knife thrower and cat trainer...his smile will melt the hardest heart...his jokes will leave you wondering...it is a joy to be in his company...and as in Tilney ,if i would have been granted to have a son i would pick him first in line...