We've Got Music... (Who Could Ask For Anything More?)

Last night we enjoyed some sublime music in the home of Milwaukee's own Janet Schiff, cellist extraordinaire. She will be playing her beautiful 1913 Romanian cello at our wedding. We can't wait! And you don't have to, either: Hear Janet's recordings on MySpace.

The mini-concert was a treat not only for us, but also for R's nephew and niece, Andrew and Emma, who are visiting for the week. Andrew, age 11, plays the viola back home in St. Louis, so he was excited to watch and hear such an accomplished musician as Janet play. On our drive back, when we asked Emma, age 6, if she liked the music, she replied, "Kind of." As it turns out, Emma was hoping that Janet's selections would have included some Dvorák. We'll see what we can do for the wedding... :-)


Jean said...

Congrats on getting music you like! Yay!

Also, are you serious about Emma's musical tastes, or is that a joke? I'm pretty sure I could not name a Dvorak piece if pressed. If you're in earnest, then I offer major props to whoever is shaping this child's cultural development. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I think as far as Emma's real musical "hopes" it was for "Ode to Joy" by Betohoven. Andrew is thrilled to see his name on a blog :-) The kids are excited about November, and were joyous about the cheetah and George :-)! Shan