Disproportionate Fabulosity

So there we were, scanning our shared email account for any particularly good wedding-related spam, when we came upon a message from TheKnot.com with the subject line Let VH1 Film Your Fabulous Wedding! As the details of our wedding come together, we don't mind saying we think there's a pretty respectable degree of fabulosity surrounding the event. Granted, our venue is such that we're not sure all of our guests will fit, much less a film crew. But, although it's been a while since we've had cable, VH1 conjures up all sorts of fond memories...Pop-Up Video, videos in general (O! how we miss early MTV)... We figured we owed it to our inner-children-of-the-'80s to open the message.

"We hear about gorgeous, over-the-top weddings every day – but does yours take the cake? If so, you just might get your own show for it!
VH1's hit series The Fabulous Life is currently producing a new spin-off series about real couples (t&r: There is no denying: We keep it real...) who are throwing the most beautiful (t&r: Check...), lavish (t&r: Well...okay!...), and -- of course -- fabulous (t&r: Naturally, darling...) weddings! The Knot has teamed up with VH1 to reach out to exceptional brides and grooms (t&r: You're too kind...) who are sparing no expense (t&r: Ummm, maybe we should discuss this...) to make their big day everything they've ever dreamed of! (t&r: What exactly do you think they mean by "sparing no expense"? I mean, we already decided the life-sized ice sculpture replica of our first meeting was a little out of reach...)

So if you're planning a wedding between August 2007 and Summer 2008 (t&r: Yep...) with a budget of approximately $300,000 or more (t&r: *blink*... *blink*...), and are interested in having your one-of-a-kind nuptials on television, we'd love to hear from you! E-mail us at castingcall@theknot.com."

(t&r: [Delete])


Jean said...

Wait, so you're saying you're afraid your budget is going to blow the minds of the VH1 people? You know that figure was just a minimum, right?

I love the suggestion that "fabulous" has to cost at least $300K. Nice.

MOM said...

I don't know what your problem is. That is only about $30,000 per guest. Things cost these days.

MOM-(cont) said...

Correction, bad math. That is only $3000 per guest. What a trifle!

Anonymous said...

What, not dipping into the inheritances? I thought you guys said that you found what Geraldo couldn't in that "icky" space in the basement! Who said t.v. killed careers and minds? That is why I can't remember my id or password for this blogging spot, ugh....Shannon