Spring has sprung!

Our first outdoor project of the spring was to hang our new Egg Bird Feeder, a lovely birthday present from mom (thanks, Mom!).

Here you can see it in its new, natural habitat: Our backyard. The giant tree it stands near did not have a suitable branch, so we installed it on a free-standing pole. What will the neighbors think?!


Shannon said...

OOH That is really pretty. Your future Mother in Law has great taste Ryan. Can you tell me where she got it? How are you keeping the grass so green? Ours here in the land of "misery", I mean Missouri is already turning brown at the end of May. The joys of a state that has clay for dirt :-).


TILNEYandRYAN said...

Hi Shannon! The Egg Bird Feeder comes in 11 colors and can be found at http://www.jschatz.com/eggbirdfeeders/index.html.

As for the lawn, that's a mystery... :-)