We've Returned...

...from our vacation to (mostly) Denmark and (a little bit of) Sweden! Here is a photo of our shadows in Malmo, Sweden.

Although I had just recovered from a 12-day illness when we departed for Scandinavia, Ryan was just catching it, so unfortunately, he was under the weather for the entire trip. :-(

Despite this, we did have fun and see some cool things and have some great meals. (All hail Dayquil! Is there nothing it can't do?)

Stay tuned for more photos soon. Yes, we know that they are not wedding-themed photos or anecdotes and so perhaps aren't topic-appropriate for this site. However, inasmuch as our vacation prevented us from doing any further wedding planning, it kind of works in its own way.


Jean said...

Yay for getting back from Scandinavia! Pictures, please!

Anonymous said...

yes, pictures please.
love and envy

Shannon said...

Glad you guys had a great trip. What was the reason? Must be nice to go places..... The bed in one photo looked a little droopy. Silly Europeans!

Great Photos!