Ring and Run

Seems the UPS man for our area is actually a young hooligan fond of mischievous pranks, such as preparing a "Sorry we missed you" label while sitting in the truck, parking it just out of sight around the corner, stealthily approaching the house (crouching below our sight line, perhaps using the shrubbery as cover), silently pasting the missed-delivery notice to the storm door, adjusting his tennies and crouching into the ready position, then pressing the doorbell and running like hell back to his hiding spot where he can watch with glee as we answer the door, look around, see no one, notice the missed-delivery slip, peel it off the door, check our watch, observe that the time written on the notice is one minute in the future according to our watch, and raise our fist to the heavens as we shout something not appropriate for network television into the unseasonably warm January air. Yup.


Anonymous said...

Ring & Run
Well,it appears you caught up to him via the Run to Ring Route. You look happily breathless so apparently it is the correct ring and ready to be set. GO!

P.S. Wasn't it supposed to take 4-6 weeks?

TILNEYandRYAN said...

Hi Mom,
Yup, I tracked the UPS man down on his home turf... I picked up the package at the UPS depot that same night.

Oh, and the ring itself comes in 4-6 weeks; this was the diamond! :-)


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder about those guys in brown.... A